How Air Charter Payments Work

Paynode, the all-in-one payment platform for air charter sales, takes care of payments in one easy workflow. Pay or get paid quickly by wire transfers, credit card, or instant payments.

Instant Payments

  • Send and receive funds to other Paynode members in a split second – 24/7/365
  • Free yourself of conventional banking timeframes
  • Pay or get paid with zero waiting time
  • Each payment is linked to a trip in our charter sales platform

FX conversions

  • Easier FX conversions between your currency accounts
  • No transaction fees, and transparent and competitive rates
  • Easily manage the access rights for your organization
  • Instant notifications means better visibility of available funds

Wire Transfers

  • Named online Paynode accounts in multiple currencies
  • Manage FX seamlessly between your accounts
  • Easy reconciliation with dedicated air charter accounts
  • Accept payments through ACH, Swift or other local payment methods

Credit Card Processing

  • Process built to minimize fraud, risk and friction
  • Accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • No subscription fees or minimum commitments
  • Better visibility of card fees and transparent payment tracking

A handy guide for air charter professionals

Take a closer look at the risks of payment fraud and learn how effective solutions can help you to enhance security for payment processes. Download the white paper to learn 4 game-changing tactics for handling payments in your charter sales workflow:


  • Up-to-date fraud & security solutions
  • Vetting of customers and transactions
  • Reconciliation of information
  • A partner that can handle high-value transactions


Book a demo session

Book a free demo to get a tour of the platform with a team member, showing you what Paynode looks like in action, and answering any questions of yours.

Three reasons to use our payment platform together with Avinode and Schedaero

Request payments easily

In just a few clicks you can send a payment request from our platform’s Trips Selling or Buying. To avoid double-entry data, it is automatically populated with your trip itinerary.

All in one workflow

In the same workflow, you can also pay anyone, anywhere. With easy access to your currency accounts, you can manage conversions and fund your accounts, all in one place.

Better visibility for your brand

As a Paynode member, you will be easily recognized as part of a trusted network of partners. It’s easy to send and receive instant payments with others in our network.