Why does
Schedaero exist?

Because we knew we could do flightops better. And by “we”, we mean the team at Avinode Group, creators of the first online marketplace for air charter along with all our wonderful customers. Together, we have fundamentally changed how operators and brokers buy and sell air charter through Avinode.

With 18 years of building world-class software under our belt, we’re on a mission to transform how charter operators and flight departments run their operations with Schedaero.

Who is using Schedaero?

Currently, we have over 350 operators across the globe using the system. And it’s quite the range. Our members include small operators with only one sales rep to those with big sales teams consisting of more than 20 people. How can they all be using the same system, you wonder? The answer is flexibility. Schedaero is made to be tailored to your exact needs through permissions and integrations. We adapt to you, not the other way around.

Are you... Swedish?

No. But also yes. We’re a blend. We have an office in Portland, full of Americans that are uncharacteristically soft-spoken. Because they’re developers, for the most part. And then there’s our Miami crew. They are louder. Schedaero’s HQ (the HQ of Avinode Group) is located in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, famous for its open-face shrimp sandwiches and dad joke humor. Our many talents and dispositions are all focused on a single ambitious cause: to build and service the world’s most modern flight scheduling system that addresses the challenges facing business aviation operators across the globe.

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