Bluelink Jets uses Schedaero’s API to create a custom passenger app

From their base in Stockholm, Bluelink Jets operates Sweden’s leading private airline and uses Schedaero to coordinate their flight ops.

Products used:

The Customer

Bluelink Jets

The Challenge

To create a custom passenger-facing app that wouldn’t involve constant upkeep.

The Solution

Use Schedaero’s API to push flight data directly from Schedaero to the app.

The Result

A custom app that boosts Bluelink’s profile and delivers value to their customers.

As part of their ambition to realize ever higher levels of service, Bluelink Jets set out to create an app for their passengers, with the help of the app development company Learrocket Productions. But they didn’t want to create something that was a burden to maintain.

“The big challenge was for us to create an app for our customers that would not increase the workload of our operations.”

The solution? Rather than manually update the app on an hourly basis, data could be pushed from Schedaero to the app, automatically. They got in contact with the Schedaero team, and we helped them configure the API so no double entry is necessary.

When their operations team updates details in Schedaero – such as catering, departure time, destination, etc. – the app instantaneously gets updated. An incredible amount of value, with next to no upkeep.

“They simply make the change in Schedaero as they normally would do and the app/passengers will get updated!”

Passengers can easily keep track of their flight times, view their pilot’s name, and look up other details of their flight. They can also order services like catering and transportation directly.

Bluelink jet

Bluelink Jets reports the smoothest of sailing when it came to working with Schedaero to implement the API.

“We had many questions [for the Schedaero team] and they were answered within a short amount of time.”

When asked what their recommendation would be to someone thinking about their own Schedaero project, Bluelink Jets responded:

“Don’t hesitate! We have had a fantastic experience and I can truly recommend anyone to do the same.”

Schedaero APIs can be used to unlock all kinds of new value for your business and your customers. The possibilities are wide open — there’s so much data can do. Our team would love to help you realize your vision. Get in touch with us about implementing Schedaero APIs.

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