Manage flight ops in a cloud-based, customizable solution

With Schedaero, you can connect all your departments, including charter sales, flight operations, maintenance, accounting, and crew, on one platform. Our booking workflow with integrated payments allows you to focus on what matters – providing your customers with the best experience possible.


Flight operations

Free up more time to optimize and expand your business with our easy-to-use software for quoting and scheduling


Charter sales

Our charter booking workflow with integrated payments allows you to quote, contract, and receive payments – all in one place!


Pilots and Crew

Schedule pilots and crew, get the perfect birds-eye view of your team members schedule, and assign events to your crew.

Tailor Schedaero to fit your flight operation needs

We believe in system flexibility. Whether you operate a massive fleet or a single jet, scale Schedaero up or down according to how you do business. Whether you are part 135, 91, or 91k, all operators are different, even if the common goal is to get aircraft in the air with the least effort, so we built a flexible system at its core that you can customize to your flight departments specific needs.


Bring your air charter payments together

Closing deals securely is easier thanks to our integrated payment solution. Your clients can easily complete payments via card, wire, or instant payment in an online and mobile-friendly booking experience. Regardless of the timezone, bank, or currency, everything is handled in one single workflow. Welcome to the future of booking air charter.



Setup and send a quote in less than 30s with our renowned quoting module


operators using Schedaero

Make the same choice as other successful companies have done. Schedaero is the backbone platform for Flight operations


customer dedication

We have a dedicated team of customer support specialists standing by to ensure that you get what you need with Schedaero

Scale-up your business with integrations

Running your flight operations department or charter company often requires many different tools such as a CRM, an accounting system such as Quickbooks, or other tools. Thanks to Schedaero’s open API, you can securely connect these various tools to our system to help increase your daily workflow. This integration capability will empower flight operators to connect Schedaero with business analytics tools to know what to focus on and where they can improve performance.

Reporting & Insights

Stay competitive and profitable in the fast-paced charter aviation industry with customizable reports and insights within Schedaero. The Schedaero platform allows operators and charter sales users to view customer buying patterns and market demand when building their quotes. With Schedaero’s advanced reporting functionality, you will have all the important graphs and data available 24/7. Contact the Schedaero team today to learn more about the customizable reports within our platform.

Start your onboarding today

Schedaero doesn’t require 100’s of hours of training to become a pro. Thanks to our streamlined flight operations software and onboarding specialists, new Schedaero users can master the flight operations system in days rather than weeks. If you’re new to Schedaero we will help ensure the transfer to our system is easy and the onboarding is a real joy.