Stay Compliant in Schedaero

The last thing your operation needs is compliance issues. Schedaero offers modern duty logging features that help maintain compliance for your charter operation. Schedaero tracks duty and rest, while also managing certifications and required training and currency for the whole crew.

Crew Compliance in Schedaero:

Schedaero offers many exciting features for crew members and your operations team to help maintain operational compliance (including all 135.267 regulations).

Maintain Pilot and Crew Compliance

Easily track crew duty and rest without overages.

When crew members enter duty into Schedaero, it automatically updates the operations team with their availability to help make sure no one exceeds duty limits, making it easy to guarantee your team has sufficient rest between flights. Learn more about duty logging here.

Increase Transparency

Save time by submitting duty logs in the app.

Schedaero allows for better communication between your operations teams and crew by eliminating extra phone calls and side conversations thanks to a birds-eye view of crew availability.


Ensure crew is properly trained for upcoming trips.

Schedaero’s Missions functionality is a highly customizable feature that allows operators to assign mission category, type, etc. It also allows users to add any special qualifications/training items required to ensure crew members are properly trained for a specific type of flight.


Receive notifications for training, currency, and flight assignments.

To help maintain compliance, Schedaero automatically provides detailed warnings about duty and rest, preventing flight assignments that exceed crew duty or flight times. Schedaero can also notify your crew of upcoming training or currency items that need to be completed to help maintain individual compliance.

Schedaero Compliance FAQs

No. 1

Does Schedaero allow me to create my own training and currency?

Yes: Schedaero allows you to add custom training and required qualifications. Users can also make currencies flight restrictive, meaning that it is required to be complete for flights that match specified criteria.

No. 2

Does Schedaero provide me with up-to-date duty logs for crew?

Yes: To maintain compliance, crew members update their duty logs in real-time on the mobile app. Once this is done, your operations team is automatically updated with the most up-to-date duty reports on the web.

No. 3

Is managing training and currency complicated in Schedaero?

No: We have created comprehensive guides on managing and adding training and currency within the Schedaero platform. To learn more, visit our academy here.

No. 4

Can Schedaero help manage pilot qualifications?

Yes: Your operations team can add qualifications to pilot profiles so that they can easily be managed for various trips. When setting up trips, Schedaero will only consider the selected qualifications as what is needed for the pilot to be qualified for the trip.

A Superior Flight Operations Solution

No detail is left in the air when you have complete control. Schedaero is packed with features to maximize your typical charter flight operations workflow. Schedule a call or demo with our sales team today.