Duty and Flight Logging with Schedaero

Completing duty and flight logs should be an easy daily task; that’s why the team at Schedaero worked to create a system aimed at helping charter businesses and their flight crews to complete their duty and flight logs easily. The Schedaero Crew App is easy to use and helps maintain compliance.

Duty Logging with Schedaero:

Crew availability at a glance

Increase efficiency and transparency with Schedaero.

The scheduling and operations team can easily view crew member availability for trips, allowing you to stay compliant. Schedaero provides detailed warnings about duty and rest and will prevent flight assignments that exceed crew duty or flight times.

Duty log from Anywhere

Save time by submitting duty logs in the app.

Crew members can utilize the Schedaero IOS Crew App to log their duty in real-time. Schedaero automatically sends all information to the web so your flight operations team stays informed.

Flight Logging with Schedaero:

The Schedaero Crew App allows flight crew to quickly and easily access and complete flight logs. Once a flight log is completed in the app, it will automatically update on the web browser, keeping your flight ops team in the loop and updating aircraft totals for maintenance tracking.

View Flight Legs

View all assigned legs in one easy flow

When flight crew members open the Schedaero Crew App, they can easily view each assigned flight leg and make individual edits to all required data. Once all data is submitted, Schedaero automatically updates the web so your operations team is aware of all flight log details.

Schedaero Flight Log FAQs

No. 1

Can flight logs be edited once submitted?

Yes: We know that sometimes mistakes happen. That’s why we make it easy for pilots to navigate the app, make any edits to all or part of a trip and resubmit their log. All changes are timestamped and noted in the Schedaero web browser.

No. 2

Can I log flight time from a simulator or from outside the organization?

You can log ad-hoc flight times on the web browser. Learn more HERE.

No. 3

Can my operations team make changes to the trip once I have submitted the flight log?

No: Once you have submitted a log the flight will be locked so you will want to wait to submit any entries if changes need to be made to the aircraft, routing, flight reg, etc.

No. 4

Should the Pilot in Command (PIC) or Second in Command (SIC) enter flight logs?

Either: Just note the system will save the most recent log. It will supersede any previous version, so ensure only one person saves the log.

A Superior Flight Operations Solution

No detail is left in the air when you have complete control. Schedaero is packed with features to maximize your typical charter flight operations workflow. Schedule a call or demo with our sales team today.