Flight operations made simple with a single system

Flight operations in the private aviation space is a complex system requiring constant communication between various departments to manage a single flight, let alone numerous flights to various locations. Schedaero is a flight management system designed to make life easier for aircraft operators. When you use Schedaero to manage your fleet of aircraft, you can lean on the tool for every aspect of aircraft operation, including pilot availability, plane availability, maintenance schedules, pilot certification, and more with a single system. The best part? With Schedaero, all your data is securely stored and accessible 24/7.


Coordinate trips, aircraft and crew

Easily piece together what aircraft is available, who can crew it, where the fuel is coming from – and all the rest in a single flight ops solution. The Schedaero system helps connect your crew in real-time and provides passenger info at a glance with our Crew App.


Smooth flight scheduling

Change is common in the private aviation industry, especially regarding flight scheduling. It’s to be expected when you have many different moving parts that often depend on other departments or individuals. Schedaero makes flight coordination easy and helps you avoid costly mistakes or potential duty infractions.


Easy onboarding

Your team needs to quickly get up and running with any flight operations solution. With this in mind, the team at Schedaero works with you to get users up to speed and managing their fleet of private aircrafts like a pro in days- rather than weeks. Set up a call with our team today to learn more about the onboarding process for our flight management system.

A comprehensive and flexible platform

Operators in the private aviation industry need to work fluidly and quickly to handle numerous moving parts, logistics, and individuals to provide customers with a seamless flight experience. As a true SaaS platform, Schedaero allows flight operators various views to help them achieve their goals. Whether they need to look at the week’s pilot schedules at a glance, take a look at the maintenance schedule of an aircraft or even provide a client with an air charter quote, Schedaero gives users the ability to manage their flight department. Flight ops departments can also customize their setup by implementing our existing integrations(link) or forging their own with the help of our customer support team.