Tracking Expenses Made Simple

Your crew has enough to worry about when on duty; the last thing they need to be concerned with is expense reporting. Thanks to Schedaero’s modern expense reporting features, crew members can reduce the need for envelopes of receipts and post-trip reconciliations. The Schedaero Crew App allows crew members to transmit expenses in real time, automatically sending expenses to your accounting team.

Expense Reports in Schedaero:

Schedaero is a powerful tool that makes creating and submitting expenses simple for your crew members. Utilizing the Schedaero Crew App, crew members have the ability to enter expenses with receipt attachments that automatically upload to the web for your accounting team.

Create Expenses on the Go

Submit expenses from anywhere with Schedaero.

Schedaero allows crew members to create expenses in the app, upload receipts, and submit them to your accounting team from anywhere.

Itemize Expenses

Keep your expenses organized with Schedaero.

When creating a new expense, you can select the itemize option to create an expense with multiple line items – think FBO receipts with fuel, handling, etc. Schedaero can also track expenses independently for each leg of a trip!

Easy Access for Accounting

Schedaero creates a better flow for your accounting team.

Once all expenses are submitted on the Schedaero Crew App, they will automatically show in the trip expenses tab for your accounting team. From here, the accounting team can use the data to download an expense report. Crew members will not have to complete any additional steps or edit expenses on the web.

*expense report with receipt images coming soon!*

Schedaero Expense Reports FAQs

No. 1

Can I track hotel/meal/transportation expenses in Schedaero?

Yes: We know that a trip's expenses are more than just those that occur at the airport. Schedaero allows you to track ALL expenses seamlessly and submit receipts in a single itemized report to your accounting team.

No. 2

I forgot to add an expense! Can I add expenses to past trips?

Yes: You can add expenses to past trips in the Schedaero Crew App, and on the Web, find the past trip that the expense corresponds to and add the expense as you would on a current trip.

No. 3

Can my operations team take expenses and apply them to a bill for clients?

Yes: Schedaero allows you to export an expense report that your team can use to create this bill. To export an expense report, edit the corresponding trip, go to the expenses tab and click download.

A Superior Flight Operations Solution

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