Keep your flight crew looped in, not out

From flight schedulers and dispatchers to flight crew and aircraft owners, there are a lot of stakeholders to account for in the private aviation industry. Keep your charter fleet organized on a need-to-know basis and provide the proper information that each individual needs in order to perform their responsibilities with Schedaero. Thanks to our flight management software, flight departments and operators can check that your crew have the right training, currency, and qualifications for a mission and ensure your team has the appropriate permissions based on their role in the company.


Efficient duty logging

Duty logging doesn’t have to be a hassle in the digital age. Schedaero helps improve communication between departments with real-time duty tracking and flight crew availability, eliminating extra phone calls.


Accessability for everyone

Maintaining regulations is important in maintaining your compliance with FAA rules. Crew members can view their assignments, rest days, training days or when they need to report to the office easily at a glance in the Schedaero Crew App.


Training & Currency

Keeping track of your flight crew’s status has never been easier. The Schedaero flight-ops tool has a robust training and currency platform available to all operators. Managers can easily check which crew members have the right training, currency and qualifications for a mission.

Everything you need to know at a glance

In order for flight operators to maintain visibility into their crew members, Schedaero provides the latest information and detailed overviews of your crew. Schedaero assigns training and currency items to crew members by matching their qualifications to training and currency items that are also scoped to crew positions and regulations. Operators can also track crew availability, making it easier to keep them airborne as much as possible – without interruptions.



No. 1

What services does Schedaero offer?

Schedaero offers everything that one would expect of a fleet management tool. As a business aviation tool developed by Avinode, we have worked hard to put various features into a single flight ops platform, such as charter ops management, charter scheduling, charter quoting, and flight crew management. Schedule a demonstration with a team member to learn more about how Schedaero can take your business to new heights.

No. 2

Who is Schedaero right for?

Schedaero is designed for all operators in the private aviation space. We saw a need to assist operators and flight departments in simplifying their complex day-to-day tasks and built a tool for everyone. If you are a part 135, 91, or 91k you can get into the flow with Schedaero.

No. 3

How long does it take to get started?

If you're already an Avinode member the set-up is easy. We already have your company and fleet information so you can be up and running the same day.

No. 4

Is Schedaero available near me?

A flight ops platform will always be near you, thanks to Schedaero! Our system is completely accessible from anywhere you can access the internet via phone, tablet, or computer. Want to take a deeper look into our flight ops platform itself? Schedule a demo today

No. 5

Can I see if my crew is compliant with his/her flight with Schedaero?

Can I see if my crew is compliant with his/her flight with Schedaero? Schedaero makes managing your flight crew easier than ever! Our tool can easily track which pilots are certified for different aircraft, are up-to-date on all training, and which are available for active flights. Operators will no longer have to painfully struggle to keep track of everything on various excel sheets or whiteboards. Want to know more? Schedule a demo today!

No. 6

Will I need to learn an entirely new system?

Not at all. One of the many benefits of Schedaero is that it’s built on the same platform as Avinode, so using it will come naturally to you. If you know Avinode, you’ll know Schedaero.  

No. 7

Is there support available if I need it?

Absolutely. Our team will take you through the entire on-boarding process and answer any questions you may have. Then, when you log into Schedaero you’ll also find a wealth of useful articles in the Schedaero Academy. If you can't find what you need there, just ask our team via our chat in the application, by phone or by emailing [email protected]