Easy and Secure Payment Methods for Brokers

We have made payments work for you. With secure payment methods already integrated into your charter sales workflow, you can focus on growing your broker business and providing excellent customer service.

With Paynode, you can seamlessly make payments part of your charter sales workflow. With just a few clicks, you can request and collect payments from your clients by credit card or wire transfers – no matter how they choose to pay. And are you working on that last-minute booking or weekend trip? With Paynode, you can close that deal with less hassle and pay operators via Instant Payments 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Request payments in a few clicks

With both credit card and wire payments built into the sales workflow, you can in just a few clicks request and collect payments from your clients – no matter how they choose to pay.

Real-time notifications

Get real-time notifications the second a payment arrives in your account. This means you can have secured funds from your clients and get ready to pay the operator while fully understanding what is still outstanding.

All-in-one workflow

In the same workflow, you can pay operators directly via instant payments. These are member-to-member payments instantly received 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Perfect to close that last-minute deal.

Sell globally, get paid locally

As a Paynode member, you will be easily recognized in our platforms as part of a trusted network of partners. It’s easy to send and receive instant payments with others in the network.

Book a demo session

Book a free demo to get a tour of the platform with a team member, showing you what Paynode looks like in action, and answering any questions of yours.